Music from the Film

Gary Young and Arthur Harrison have been basking in obscurity for over 23 years. In the late 1980s and through the '90s, they released several cassette tapes in limited runs under the moniker Bone Bunny, New Killers On The Block, and Entfred. Gary also worked with the Washington DC band Drooling Zoomers and Arthur with the bands Jobs For America, Stolen Government Binder Clip, No Thing, The Parlor Scouts, and The Cassettes. Music From The Film emerged in 2007, representing a departure from many of Gary's previous projects by virtue of purposeful composition, in contrast to the former releases of hastily-compiled improvisational sessions. Shrew, also affiliated with the groups Prom Concussion, The Parlor Scouts, Get A Tan and others, plays drums and percussion.

Their website is found here.


Christine P (aka PraxisCat) is a synthesist and multi-instrumentalist that uses a variety of conventional and unconventional electronic instruments in the creation of esoteric improvised atmospheres, and deconstructed rhythms. She has been experimenting with synthesizers since childhood, and has maintained a lifelong interest in music technology.

Her music can be found here.

Android Nectarine

Basha and Paolo comprise the atmospheric noise duo Android Nectarine. Collaborating for the past fourteen months on textured soundscapes. Their mix of eclectic instrumentation includes synths, noise devices, and electric viola. Mixing ambient reverberations, piercing electronics, and pulsing video-game orchestrations. Each experimental sound explodes through your cochlear canals like little you've heard before. They will tattoo themselves to your cerebellum whether you like it or not.

Recent works can be found on Soundcloud here.

Logan Mitchell Sr aka "Synth Tech Project"

My inspiration comes from groups such as Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk & Triumvirat as well as individual keyboardists such as Keith Emerson, George Duke, Bernie Worrell, Gary Wright, Gregg Rolie & Don Preston, all of whom I've had the pleasure to meet in person.

His website can be found here.

Jonny ♥'s Hadji

Jonny ♥'s Hadji are your hot and heavy boatmen on a ride across the River Totally Bitchin’. Their mystical melodies will do things to you, all kinds of things. From hip cats to hip replacements, all are welcome. Smooth and sexy, with no shame, a sweet-sounding beast that can’t be tamed. Race’s bass is boss; a bevy of beatifying bass guitar beauty. Jonny’s vocals purr like a sexy panther, impregnating your ears with the sound of 1000 midnight raptures. And Hadji’s organ, the Electric Ōgāzma, will mystify and multiply in your brain with waves of pleasure. Three dangerous men, one sinfully sweet sound. Make no mistake; Jonny ♥'s Hadji do not have your best intentions in mind. Not even for a second...

Fast Forty/Thirty

A longtime basement musician, Keith Sinzinger (Fast Forty) returned to live performance in the 1990s with a rave-inspired style he calls Intense Ambient. He subsequently became involved in the DC-area experimental music scene, playing at events sponsored by Sonic Circuits, Electric Possible, Baltimore SDIY Group and others. He designs and builds electronic and percussion instruments. Previous collaborations include Safe Fast & Effective with Dave Vosh and Chris Videll. A lifelong newsman, he aims to integrate contemporary conflict into his compositions.

Ryan Jordan (b. 1983) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose main instrument is trumpet. He holds a bachelor's degree in music composition from Kent State University and a master's in music composition from Bowling Green State University. He has also worked as a transcriber and copyist for a variety of musical acts. He is currently the general manager and orchestra librarian for the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra in Virginia and performs freelance in a variety of groups encompassing jazz, free improvisation and solo electronics.


GHI is Greg Kist and Hal Schmulowitz. Anything synthesizer and an enthusiasm for all forms of electronic music are the glue that binds GHI together. Their debut performance kicked-off the first National Electronics Museum Electronica Fest in 2009, and the duo as has been part of the Baltimore/Washington electronic music scene ever since. Applying a combination of traditional electronic music techniques with an innovative and constantly evolving approach, the music of GHI is both a familiar and unexpected experience.

GHI will be premiering “Equilibrium”, a three-part, post-Berlin School spacemusic work in the evening hours of Electronica Fest 2013. Performed on a variety of modular, analog and digital equipment, “Equilibrium” is a soundscape of flowing textures, combining evolving sequences with familiar and unusual instrumentation, effects and sounds. An instant classic, “Equilibrium” is a true feast for the ears for all spacemusic fans


Trace Recordings artists BLK w/BEAR – JS Adams; Doug Poplin; Renée Shaw; and PD Sexton – first garnered glowing reviews and international airplay for the thought-provoking and moving ‘Wish for a World without Hurt’ collaboration with London's Rothko and the limited edition ‘fahrenheit_drafts’ 12-inch single (Trace Recordings). Their audio has accompanied film/video projects in NYC and London and selections from ‘Wish for a World’ were used in the Discovery Channel's poignant ‘The Flight that Fought Back’ program. The four-track 'Version 3' extended play is available for download at the Long Division with Remainders ‘14 versions of the same EP’ project site and also available in a box-set collection with all fourteen versions plus an additional digital-download outtakes EP including a 21-minute remix of BLK w/ BEAR’s Version 001. The mini-album ‘Sorry about your (remixes)’ was released on Front & Follow (UK) in 2011. Additional material has been released through Ultra-red’s free download site Public Record, Little Red Squirrel Collective (UK), Cohort Recordings and Sonic Circuits’ District of Noise imprint. In 2013, the group contributed two remixes to ‘Total Fears: Bronze Eye Reinterpreted’ (Ônyûdô), two remixes of Fuzzy Lights' 'Hallsands' to “Rule of Twelfths: Remixed” (Little Red Rabbit) that investigate the tragic story behind the town’s demise and, later this month, new imprint Little Crackd Rabbit (UK) releases 'The Final Mapping of New Constellations' – a new album-worth of Last Harbour's 'The Stars Looked Down' remixes/reconstructions.

“ Basic Channel at their most abstract, and after a severe nervous breakdown” – Wire Magazine

You can find their website here.


BLK TAG are a collaborative effort between JS Adams (BLK w/BEAR) and Chris Videll (Tag Cloud) first created for Long Division with Remainders’ Collision/Detection project. Their VERSION 5 download EP was released October 2012 on Front & Follow (UK) and is included in a 2013 CD collection of all versions + bonus material. BLK TAG also contributed to Music for Restrooms (District of Noise) and the STYLUS!BLACK!FACTORY performance at the Sonic Circuits 2012 festival. Zeromoon net label released BLK FRIDAY : TAG SALE - their spontaneous response to Black Friday consumerism and post-apocalyptic consumption - in December 2012. BLK TAG contributed to the 2013 Sonic Circuits Festival’s District of Noise Vol. 6 compilation CD and bonus download. On 12 November, Ônyûdô net label releases THAT WHAT CANNOT NOR SHOULD NOT BE UNDONE, the BLK TAG performance at the 2013 Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music. Additional assist on BLK TAG recordings comes from Doug Poplin (BLK w/BEAR, Bach Sinfonia), Mark Ophidian (Animals With Machinery; Crippled Black Phoenix; Book of Lies), PD Sexton (BLK w/BEAR), Michael Denny (Human Food) and Pat Gillis (TL0741/Northern Machine); live accompaniment has been provided by Janel Leppin & Anthony Pirog, Jeff Barsky (Insect Factory/The Plums); Gleb Kanasevich; Guillermo Pizarro and Doug Poplin. Thanks to Mark Beazley - Trace Recordings (UK) for mastering; and Justin Watson (Front & Follow) for first suggesting the collaboration.

“An ominous, brooding, industrial soundtrack to something unthinkable” – Underground of Happiness

You can find their website here


Washington DC native Chester Hawkins is best known for his electronic psych project Blue Sausage Infant (1985- 2013). Now as SEMISOLID, the spoils of BSI are distilled into a singular vision of heavy mind music: Kosmische Musik. Drone. Psychedelia. Musique concrète. Krautrock. Sound design. Lust. Hallucinations.

Music from his last set at Galaxy Hut can be found here.

Stargazer 21

"Stargazer 21" (Kenneth Donnelly) is an electronic space musician/composer. I am also half of electronic music duo "HALKEN" with Hal Schmulowitz (2012-13). I've been exploring sound and music since the mid seventies, and have performed in local electronic music fests both solo and otherwise. In composing/improvising, my aim is to mystify, challenge and elevate the listener, directing awareness of a larger and deeper reality all around us and within us. I play 'electron guitar' (my system) and/or synthesizer. I've been fascinated with the idea of creating a naturally psychedelic, yet moving inner-and outer-space music that reflects impressions of nature, mind and reality. My influences are endless: Nature, the sky, the wind, Bernard Hermann soundtracks, early Pink Floyd, old sci-fi, Robin Trower, Debussy, Mahavishnu/John McLaughlin, Type-O Negative, dreams, memories, sunsets.

Find his music here.

Layne Garrett

Layne Garrett works with guitars, found objects, and self-built instruments. As a solo performer, lately prepared resonator guitar, cassette tapes, and sound-processed-through-objects have figured prominently. He also plays prepared electric guitar in the improvising duo Weed Tree with drummer Amanda Huron. Other notable activities include organizing a large-scale tape-loop intervention in Rock Creek Park, creating interactive sound sculptures for the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music in both 2011 and 2012, and, this past January, making a tape every day for a month.

The Expanding Man

The Expanding Man is Carlos Guillen, Sound Designer & Musician living in Baltimore. He combines his love of early jazz rock fusion & electronic music & equipment to create modern instrumental music that combines electric guitar & high-energy drum sequencing.

Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud, the solo project of Chris Videll, began in 2009 as a series of experiments with field recordings and has come to consist of analog electronics with occasional acoustic drones, cheap keyboards, and metal percussion. Drone soundscapes that are "loudly atmospheric music or mildly noise based - whatever you prefer" (Vital Weekly). The second album, Winter Hours, is out now on Zeromoon.

International Electromatics

"International Electromatics" is the duo project of electro-sonic artists Dave Vosh and Frank Vanaman. They perform on modular synthesizers and every performance is an improvisation. Previously, they have performed at the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, MD and Baltimore’s, now sadly defunct, Hexagon Space.

Born in Washington, DC and now residing in the Baltimore area, Frank Vanaman relies on a background that focuses on an appreciation for popular music and jazz of the 1920s-1930s. His primary vehicle for improvisation is the modular synthesizer.

Dave Vosh, also born in Washington DC, has been experimenting with electronic music since the 1970s and live performance since 2005 in various solo, duo and trio projects, involving modular synthesizers and other devices. He performs regularly in DC and Baltimore. He has performed at events such as Sonic Circuits, Electronica Fest and Electro-Music festivals. He was recently a featured performer in St. Louis at a show sponsored by the HEARding Cats Collective at Floating Labs, where he also displayed his visual electronic manipulations.